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Our products feature exclusive Italian design and style that make all the difference. We use our imagination and carry out lengthy research to present something new each season to satisfy even the most demanding of children.
Anyone choosing a Lelly knows exactly what he wants and is bound to find in our vast assortment the ideal gift for any occasion and any age, whether it be in classic style or a new entry.
The use of exclusive fine materials and attention to detail are the fundamental elements for offering the best possible result each time.
All our soft toys are designed and made in full compliance with the safety regulations and are tested by leading accredited international institutes. Each toy is analysed at the design stage to prevent all possible risks for the child. We adopt all possible technical measures to create a completely safe toy. Further tests are carried out at each stage of production and before the toy is put on the market. All our products are tested for children from birth onwards, so there is no age limit at all, except for certain legal aspects. We can truthfully say that our soft toys are suitable for any age – from 0 to 99! Last but not least, we would like to point out that our toys comply with the new toys safety directive 2009/48/EC. 
The cost of making our soft toys does not include advertising charges, allowing us to offer excellent value for money.
Experience has taught us that it takes immense care and dedication to make a good soft toy. Our creations are the result of a well organised production process that is controlled by technical experts. Highly specialised operators handle each stage of the process. More importantly, we do not exploit child labour.
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