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Venturelli Angelo

The Venturelli Angelo s.n.c. distributes his own products with the mark “ LELLY “ and each one is equipped of certificate of authenticity of the product.

Italian company, leader of the sector, has specialized exclusively in the distribution of toys in plush. During the years, subsequently to organizational demands of the market, the company has transformed from “exclusive production” to “distribution” of toys in plush and from 1985 using valid, and consolidated, foreign collaborators for the production of his own products, maintaining the unmistakable artisan style.

On the base of the long productive experience, we furnished all the details to our foreign partners for the realization of our products, beginning from the sketches, forms, colours and dimensions. For this all our toys are distinguished for the exclusive “design made in Italy”, appreciated in the world, that exalts the style and the quality of it. The inside organization has been setting to the best our business staff allowing so an excellent and winner relationship price - quality.

The distribution on the Italian market is predominantly turned to wholesalers and big distribution through the best and specialized net sale composed by 12 agents, particularly careful to the applications of the customers, and also dynamic and careful to market request, they are the creative and managerial staff of the company that is skilled, not only to propose a high quality products, but also to give a suitable service, in the full respect of the demands both of the initial buyer and of the final customer.

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